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How to Keep Your Business in Regulatory Compliance

How to Keep Your Business in Regulatory Compliance

Whether you’re in real estate development, construction, manufacturing, or another industry, it’s important that your daily operations fall within the legal bounds. These days, there are hundreds of different laws and regulations that dictate how we do business, and failing to follow them could have disastrous consequences. Especially if you come in contact with governmental agencies on a routine basis, keeping your company in check is a smart move.

Businesses can encounter hefty fines, production stalls, and even complete shut-downs if they are found to be in violation of certain rules. If you are a business owner, you’ve worked hard to build your company and it’s important to keep it profitable for years to come. So, understanding the regulations and how to operate within them is crucial.

Here are a few tips for keeping your company in compliance:

  1. Hire a good attorney

Hands down, the best thing you can do for your business is hire the right lawyer. A good business attorney will be able to keep up with the current regulations, spot areas for improvement in your operations, and guide your company’s growth in a sustainable way. Look for a San Diego attorney who has experience in your industry and with governmental/regulatory compliance.

  1. Understand your day-to-day

If you have been cooped up in an office for too long, and you’re not sure exactly what happens on the ground of your company, now’s the time to get back in touch. Schedule time to touch base with your management structure, visit your facilities, and get a good idea of what happens on a daily basis. Often, this kind of personal communication can uncover potential issues before they grow into something serious.

  1. Keep a tight schedule

Much of the time, you will be interacting with more than one governmental agency or source of oversight, and you’ll be required to stay on top of multiple certifications, licenses, and inspections. Make sure that you keep a record and schedule of these things, so you don’t run the risk of your compliance records lapsing. Stay up to date on your required insurance, remediation, and licensing responsibilities.

Regulatory oversight may be a hassle sometimes, but don’t put your company at risk by falling out of compliance. Spend time preparing and anticipating potential problems, and when you need an experienced business attorney in San Diego, reach out to us at the Benner Law Firm. Request your free case evaluation to get started.