San Diego Talcum Powder Attorney

San Diego Talcum Powder Attorney

Standing Up for Women Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and Their Families

Johnson & Johnson has been selling talcum powder for well over 100 years. Not only has their “baby powder” been marketed for babies, but also for women to use for feminine hygiene purposes. Millions of women used talcum powder around their genital areas religiously for most of their lives. Since the 1970s, however, researchers have been connecting the use of talcum powder to diagnoses of ovarian cancer in women. Despite these suspected risks, talc products for women remained on the market without proper warnings.

Women diagnosed with ovarian cancer and families who lost mothers and wives due to ovarian cancer have been taking legal action against Johnson & Johnson for marketing talc products for an unsafe purpose, and for failing to warn of the dangers of ovarian cancer. If you believe you may have a legal claim related to talcum powder, you need the right mass torts attorney on your side. Call the Benner Law Firm for more information today.

Connections Between Talcum Powder and Ovarian Cancer

In the early 1970s, researchers discovered that many ovarian cancer tumors had talc particles. When women use talcum powder for feminine hygiene, some talc particles can travel up the reproductive system to the ovaries. Researchers later reported that regular talcum powder use may increase the risk of ovarian cancer by 30 percent or more. Despite these findings and subsequent studies, Johnson & Johnson continues to insist that talcum powder is safe for women to use, and continues to sell the product and risk the lives of unsuspecting consumers.

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Women who regularly used talcum powder and developed ovarian cancer deserve full compensation from Johnson & Johnson. Women have already received millions of dollars in talc-related lawsuits. The Benner Law Firm represents clients in talcum powder claims, so please contact us online or call 619.595.6795 to schedule a free consultation.