What to Do After a Car Accident? 5 Steps to Take Immediately

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We all know it’s not the best feeling when you get into a motor vehicle accident. Car repairs, medical bills, or even emotional damages can be stressful to deal with, especially if due to other people’s negligence.

That’s why if you are in a major car crash, you need to stay calm and focused on dealing with it in the fastest way possible.

This post will outline a few tips for dealing with this life-changing situation. You want to take control of the circumstances, as soon as possible so that no one else takes advantage of you. Your San Diego personal injury attorney can help you deal with the challenges of a vehicle accident from the get-go.


1. Understand the basics of a car accident.


Car accidents are the most dreadful thing that can happen to a road user, even though they occur often. The most tragic aspect is that we do not learn from our road blunders.

While most road users are well aware of the basic regulations and safety precautions that apply to road usage, it is only the laxity of certain road users that results in accidents and wrecks.

Human mistake is the primary cause of accidents and crashes. We are touching on some of the most prevalent human behaviors that result in accidents.

  1. Excessive speeding
  2. Drunk Driving ( Driving under the influence of alcoholic drinks)
  3. Distracted driving (Texting While Driving)
  4. Red light jumping
  5. Ignoring safety equipment such as seat belts or helmets
  6. Disregarding lane markings
  7. Overtaking haphazardly
  8. Reckless driving

Numerous national and international studies have identified these as the most frequent behaviors of road drivers that result in accidents that result in bad injuries or even death.


Common Car Accident Injuries


Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle rollover

These specific sorts of collisions are complicated and violent. More than any other form of collision, rollovers show the interplay of the driver, road, vehicle, and environmental elements. Although a vehicle’s model plays a crucial effect in the accident, so does driver conduct and road and environmental circumstances. Other variables include speed, alcohol consumption, and location.


Single car collision

This is a road traffic accident in which only one vehicle is involved.

 A majority of these accidents include:

  • Run-off-road incidents
  • Collisions with falling debris
  • Rollovers
  • Collisions with animals


Rear-end collision

A traffic collision is when a car smashes into the vehicle in front of it. These are frequently due to driver inattention or distraction, tailgating, panic stops, and lower traction owing to unpredictable road conditions induced by the weather.


Side-impact collision

These incidents, also known as broadside or T-bone crashes, occur when the side of one or more cars is struck. These collisions typically occur at crossroads, parking lots, and when two cars pass on a route accounting for nearly a quarter of passenger vehicle occupant fatalities. The outcomes from a side-impact accident may be serious but might vary depending on where the car is impacted.


Head-on collision

This sort of collision occurs when the front ends of two cars strike each other in opposing directions. Head-on collisions are typically deadly road traffic incidents. Being alert of traffic signs, roadway conditions, and keeping in your lane plays a crucial part in preventing these accidents.


2. Take notice of these things to do after a car accident.

Make sure everyone involved is okay.

The very first thing you want to do is find out if everyone is okay (hint: this involves people other than you)

Inspect everyone involved in the collision injuries. Check for serious injury. Take considerable caution – not all injuries are visible. 

If you or anybody else involved are not feeling well (for example, if you begin taking photographs or writing down facts about the collision and feel dizzy or out of it), contact 911 or the number designated by your state for requesting emergency help on highways.


Gather information and evidence.

Even if you feel your vehicle accident was minor, you should gather evidence as quickly as possible after the event. Photographs of the accident site and any property damage or injuries may help you later in establishing damages if another motorist or insurance opposes your claim

Take photos of the following:

  • Scene of the accident
  • Position of the automobile
  • Vehicle defects
  • Damage to property
  • Conditions on the road
  • Signs on the road
  • Anything that gives more insight into your situation

Additionally, witnesses who saw the car wreck accident and the circumstances leading up to it may vouch for your version of events. Physical evidence and recollections both fade with time, which is why it is critical to start quickly in establishing your claim.


Gather information about the other drivers involved.

Ensure to write down the contact information for any other drivers who may have been involved in a car accident. Collect the following data:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone Number.
  • Information about driver’s license
  • Insurance Information
  • License plate number
  • Insurance policy number


Call the police even for minor accidents and file police reports.

After an automobile collision, it is essential to file a police report. By documenting the specifics, all parties are protected.

Anytime you are involved in an automobile collision, it is prudent to inform the police of an uninsured motorist. It is even obligatory in certain states. 

In any case, you are better off letting the police determine whether or not to respond to the collision site.

Once you’ve contacted the police, you’ll have taken the necessary steps to protect yourself and adhere to the law. This will be beneficial if a lawsuit is filed afterward. ​


Notify your insurance company – they want to hear from you as soon as possible!

When you are engaged in any kind of accident involving property damage and/or injury, you should call your adjuster to report the incident. This is true whether your insurance coverage is via your carrier or the insurer of another party. Continue reading to discover more.


When to Call Your Insurance Company If You Get in a Car Accident

It’s a good idea to contact your insurance company within 72 hours of any occurrence that might result in a claim being filed. Your policy may include information about notification deadlines (or the insurance may merely require policyholders to inform the carrier of any injuries “within a reasonable period.” 

Explore your options for a car insurance claim.

Insurance claims are classified into two categories: first party and third party.

While a first-party claim is made to your insurance carrier, a third-party claim is made to the insurance company of another individual or corporation. The majority of insurers provide coverage for third parties who are harmed due to the insurer’s activity.

The sort of claim you submit will be determined by who was at fault in the accident, the nature of the event, and the level of available insurance coverage. For instance, if you cause an auto accident while driving your automobile, you should most certainly submit a first-party claim with your auto insurance carrier.

On the other hand, if you were struck by a vehicle while crossing the street or were in an auto accident while riding in another person’s vehicle, you should make a third-party claim with the driver’s auto insurance company.

If you are hurt while shopping or dining at a restaurant, you may file a third-party personal injury claim with the business’s or land/property owner’s insurance provider. These claims apply to both physical injury and property damage. ​


Schedule a legal consultation with a car accident attorney.

A vehicle accident lawyer’s primary purpose is to seek financial compensation for expenditures like:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Medical Treatment
  • Replacing or repairing damaged property
  • Pay cuts
  • Pain and Suffering

After an accident, victims have several hardships. They are usually injured, unsure when they can return to work, and worried about paying their medical bills. 

Regardless, victims should contact an injury attorney as quickly as possible following a collision because the following setbacks may occur:

  • Evidence may vanish
  • Eyewitnesses’ memories fade
  • Instantly start recording your losses.
  • You need a lawyer to deal with the insurer.
  • Statute of limitations

A San Diego vehicle accident attorney works tirelessly behind the scenes to develop a compelling case on your behalf and fight for your rights. They may assist you in the following ways:

  • Investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident.
  • Collect any pertinent material, such as photographs, police records, witness accounts, and evidence of damages.
  • Create and submit a personal injury claim with the insurance carrier of the at-fault motorist.
  • Negotiate for a reasonable car accident settlement if the insurance company attempts to underpay you.
  • File a personal injury lawsuit. If the insurance company refuses to bargain, 
  • Represent you in court — and at every step along the way — to obtain full compensation for you.

There are several reasons why accident victims should not delay seeking legal counsel. Contacting a car accident lawyer as soon as possible following a car crash can help you avoid expensive blunders and put you on a level playing field.

After a car accident, you may be in agony. And, unfortunately, this isn’t pain that will disappear on its own. This is the type of pain that comes from something happening to your car or your body. 

So it’s decision time: Do you go ahead and schedule a consultation with a lawyer? Or do you just let the other party deal with the mess? By getting a free consultation with our personal injury law firm you can ease your mind knowing that you are being treated decently and compensated if anyone is at fault for your accident. Our reliable personal injury attorneys at Benner Law Firm are committed to helping clients get the compensation they rightfully deserve.

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