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While it’s not a pleasant thing to think about, motor vehicle accidents happen regularly here in California, affecting hundreds of thousands of people each year. When it comes to car, truck, and motorcycle collisions, there is almost always demonstrable negligence on the part of one or more parties, and we work hard to uncover the truth. At the Benner Law Firm, we provide world-class counsel and representation for personal injury cases involving motor vehicle accidents, and you can count on our San Diego car accident lawyers to go above and beyond to get you the justice that you deserve. If you, or someone you love, has been injured in an accident, we can help. You don’t have control over the weather, road conditions, or the actions of other drivers, but you do have the choice to hire the best car accident attorney in San Diego to fight for you.

Injured on the Road?

Car accidents, and especially motorcycle accidents, can be especially dangerous, injuring millions across the country every year. These injuries range from minor to serious and can come with sky-high medical costs, not to mention the mental and emotional distress. At our law firm, we are dedicated to fighting for the victims of motor vehicle accidents, and we will work hard to help you get back on your feet when tragedy strikes. We are seasoned San Diego personal injury attorneys, and we take pride in the personalized service we offer our clients, bringing our legal skills and compassion to each and every case.

Collisions happen even when you exercise diligence. No matter how careful you are as a driver, you may find yourself in a bad situation after a car accident in San Diego.

Hundreds of thousands of people become victims of motor vehicle accidents in California. Almost always, there is demonstrable negligence on the part of someone involved in the crash. When there’s a party who may or may not be at fault, it’s only natural to be concerned over legal rights, liability, and financial compensation. Thus, you need a San Diego car accident attorney to answer your questions and to ensure that you get the protection that you deserve.

Why You Need a San Diego Car Accident Attorney

People who have not been involved in a car accident believe that resolving collisions is easy. In some cases where collision damages are minimal and negligible, it’s entirely possible to come to an agreement with the other party. However, when you’re already dealing with property damage and bodily injuries, the negotiations could become more difficult.

If you don’t have the necessary legal expertise, you might find yourself in debt due to your medical expenses and automobile repairs. Your insurance company and the insurance company of the at-fault party can easily run away from you and deny your claims if you don’t know how to defend your rights.

For this, you need San Diego car accident attorneys to handle cases that require an added level of expertise, from reviewing insurance coverage to settling in or out of court.

An Increasing Number of Car Accidents in San Diego

Car accidents in San Diego are unfortunately not as rare as you would hope. Due to unintended collisions, thousands of people are injured and even killed every year. According to a report from the California Office of Traffic Safety, almost 9500 people were injured or killed in 2016 alone due to motor or traffic-related accidents. Of that high number, 2245 were due to speed-related collisions. Despite responsible driving education, the number of alcohol-impaired driving fatalities increased from 2015 to 2016.

Even on a national level, most motor vehicle accidents are caused by irresponsible driving. There is usually an “at-fault” party, or parties, in cases of collisions. The National Motor Vehicle Crash Causation Survey’s most recent report on the critical factors leading to a crash listed driver-related, vehicle-related, and roadway and atmospheric conditions. Among these pre-crash events, driver-related reasons were the most common.

While you may be lucky enough to live without an accident all your whole life, the statistics still mean that you are always at risk of getting into a motor vehicle accident. If that unfortunate event happens, it’s better to be prepared and have a San Diego car accident attorney on-call.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help with Your Claim

A personal injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you need from the at-fault party and from your insurance company for any damage that may have resulted from the crash. These damages include physical damages to your car, such as dents, as well as injury to you and your family.

The most common motor vehicle collision injuries include injuries to the back and neck, which are particularly vulnerable to the force of vehicle impacts, and bone fractures. Internal injuries and brain trauma from indirect whiplash can take days to develop. Physical damages can range from simple sprains requiring physical therapy and chiropractic care to lumbar disc herniation requiring more serious surgical intervention.

Aside from treatment, suffering injuries also means requiring diagnostic exams, which are also costly. You’ll have to get an X-ray or CT scan to document and monitor your health. Injuries would also mean missing work.

The money to cover all of these diagnostic and therapeutic interventions won’t come out of nowhere. Unfortunately, many insurance companies are motivated by profit. They work hard to retain the premiums paid to them so it can take months, even years, of legal negotiations to get compensation for your claims. Dealing with insurance companies and the legal system is where your San Diego car accident attorney steps in. While you focus on recovery and rehabilitation, Benner Law Firm can prepare your case.

What to Expect from A San Diego Car Accident Attorney

Here at Benner Law Firm, our first priority is your safety and security. As you recover from the injuries and the trauma of the accident, we’ll be working hard to help establish liability and maximize insurance claims recovery.

As personal injury lawyers, we work on a contingent fee basis. Our firm receives a percentage of what you recover, ensuring that you can spend your money on more immediate and urgent concerns. It also incentivizes us to get you the biggest possible compensation. At every step of the way, we’ll be putting our attorney-client relationship first.

Ensuring Your Safety

After a car collision accident, these are the immediate steps to take:

1. Stop the car. Otherwise, the case is legally ruled as a hit-and-run.

2. Exchange information with the other parties involved, including:

  • Driver’s license

  • Insurance details

  • Contact information

3. Provide reasonable assistance and attend to any urgent injuries.

4. Report the accident to the nearest authorities, such as the San Diego police or the California Highway Patrol.

5. Seek legal advice. Wait for your San Diego car accident attorney before you make any statements. Never admit that you are the one at fault. Signing a ticket, if ever one is given to you, is not an admission of guilt.

You can also take photographs of the scene in order to document the process.

As part of our commitment to provide world-class service, we also have a network of healthcare treatment providers that we can refer you to. They are composed of certified health professionals and physicians who understand that you might not be able to pay for your treatment until the insurance coverage is negotiated.

Establishing Fault and Liability

At the core of our legal services is helping establish fault and liability in motor vehicle accidents. In most cases, the fault is on the part of the driver. For example, the person who hit the other car in a rear-end collision is almost always the one liable. Reasons for liability in automobile crashes include driver inattention, driving too fast for conditions or for a curve, and overcompensation and poor directional control.

Aside from the driver or vehicle owner, the liability could also extend to the employer of the other party. For example, this includes negligent drivers who are employed by public agencies like the Metropolitan Transit System, or by private companies operating delivery vans. Finally, there are rare cases when the manufacturer of the car is at fault.

In any case, establishing fault and liability requires proper documentation and reasoning. These can be settled between parties and with the insurance companies, or the case can be brought to court. We will help obtain relevant police reports, consult a network of investigators and experts (including engineers and bio-mechanical experts) about reconstructing the collision, proving the at-fault party, and providing a link between the events of the crash and the sustained injuries.

The traffic collision report (TCR) is a document we can use to find other critical evidence. While TCRs are not made for all car collisions, they are helpful. These official reports include the date, time, location, and parties involved. Other information includes vehicle and damage, witness, initial injury, insurance, weather, lighting, road, and traffic control device details. Expert opinion regarding who was at fault is also sometimes recorded.

Maximizing Insurance Claim Recovery

The other part of our personal injury legal services is dealing with insurance. Money is one of the biggest headaches after an accident. There are different types of claims you can make in the event of an accident:

  • Physical or economic damages, including:

    • Property damage

    • Medical pay

    • Lost income

  • Non-economic or moral damages, including:

    • Physical pain

    • Mental anguish

    • Physical impairment

    • Inconvenience

    • Grief

    • Anxiety

Claims can be made based not only on current damages, but also on future income loss, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.

In the ideal world, you will be able to get the money you need to cover for these expenses without any trouble. You’ll be able to deal with the insurance company of the at-fault party easily.

In reality, insurance companies are very tight with their compensation. It’s in their natural interest to defend their insured at-fault party and to avoid admitting fault as much as possible. There are also cases when the at-fault party is not insured. You will need to get compensation in the form of the other party’s assets, such as real estate or personal property, and the negotiations can be taxing. You can also resort to uninsured or underinsured coverage.

As San Diego car accident attorneys, our job is to make sure that our clients get the compensation they need to cover the damages they received from the accident. This includes medical pay, property damage, and bodily injury liability coverage.

First, we look at all the coverage available to our clients. This includes reviewing existing insurance plans and checking which ones apply to the situation. We also negotiate on your behalf with the at-fault party. Our years of experience in dealing with car accident cases gives us the expertise we need to read the fine print and to interpret it in your favor.

With our experience and strength as a firm, we’re not afraid to go to court. This is contrary to what most insurance companies expect. When it comes to settlement negotiations, insurance companies tend to think they have all the power. Because going to court can be disastrous for inexperienced and untested attorneys, insurance companies believe that most people will do anything just to avoid going to court.

However, we neither untested nor inexperienced. Our lawyers won’t settle for unreasonably low offers from insurance companies because we know that you deserve better than that. We will try cases when needed. Our San Diego car accident attorneys have the expertise to represent you before a judge or jury to get the most out of your insurance claims.

Get in Touch with A San Diego Car Accident Attorney as Soon as Possible

Here at Benner Law Firm, we combine years of high-volume experience to deliver the results you need. Our firm has the necessary experience and expertise to fight insurance companies and to get you fair compensation. We believe in providing world-class counsel and representation for personal injury cases involving motor vehicle accidents. This includes prioritizing the attorney-client partnership in every step of the way because we care.

One of the ways we prioritize our relationship with our clients is by making the process as easy as possible for you. While you take care of you and your family’s personal safety and your recovery, we’ll take care of the other legal and financial hurdles. You may not have any control over the past, but you do have the power to control your future. Call us today for a free consultation with a San Diego car accident attorney.

Our lines at Benner Law Firm are always open to clients seeking legal advice after a motor vehicle accident or personal injury case. Not only will we help settle your case for the best possible claim recovery, but we will ensure that your safety and comfort are a priority.

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