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When a victim of an accident experiences a serious hand injury, he or she may have a serious or even catastrophic injury. An injured hand can hinder the person from doing even the most basic everyday actions, such as eating, drinking, grasping an object, or tying a shoe, let alone more complex ones, such as driving or earning a job.

It is simple to picture how drastically your life would alter if you suddenly lost the use of your arm or hand. Suppose you or a loved one have had a hand injury due to the carelessness or negligence of another. In that case, our San Diego hand injury lawyers at Benner Law Firm can work with you to ensure that your rights are properly protected and that you receive reasonable compensation. Call us today for a free strategy session.

Why Do I Need Hand Injury Lawyers in California?

Remember that insurance companies have armies of investigators and expert witnesses to assist them in minimizing the amount of your claim payment. You require a financially robust and active advocate to defend your interests. Here is some of the work we conduct as your hand injury lawyers:

  • We give you a free strategy session and a review of your case’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • During the duration of the court procedure, we manage all of your medical expenditures.
  • During the duration of the court process, we manage all of your prescription drug expenses.
  • Even if you do not have health insurance, we will locate the physician who will assist you during your recovery.
  • We will negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf.
  • We will endeavor to ensure that your rights are completely safeguarded, and we will fight to guarantee that you receive the entire amount of compensation to which you are legally due.

How Does the Human Hand Work?

Grasping and manipulating items are two distinguishing characteristics of the human species. Utilizing our hands provides humans with a substantial edge over the rest of the animal kingdom. The hand comprises twenty bones, tissue, tendons, muscles, and multiple ligaments that work together to execute precise motions known as fine motor skills. 

Any hand injury might make it difficult to execute mundane chores, such as picking up a fork or spoon, holding a pencil or pen,  or buttoning a garment among others. Most of us seldom consider what life might be like without these abilities until a hand or wrist injury restricts their usage. However, tendinitis, ruptured ligaments, fractured fingers, distal radius fracture, and amputation can have a profound effect on one’s life.

What Are the Common Causes of Hand Injuries?

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The following sorts of accidents frequently result in hand injuries:

  • Car Crashes
  • Falls
  • Motorcycle Accident
  • Occupational Accidents
  • Large Truck Collision
  • Pedestrian Accidents
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What Are the Different Types of Hand Injuries?

Due to the high number of bones in the hands and their relative fragility, a vast array of injuries are conceivable. Examples of common hand injuries include the following:


The radial bone at the wrist, the scaphoid bone on the thumb side of the wrist, and the metacarpal and phalanges bones in the hand might fracture as a result of a fall, automobile accident, or industrial injury.


Hands can be crushed and amputated in automobile accidents and machinery-related job mishaps.

Burn Injury

Automobile accident flames and explosions, as well as occupational accidents, can cause burns to the hands.


Injuries to the ligaments and connective tissue of the wrist, fingers, and thumbs can be caused by falls, work-related accidents, and automobile collisions.


The force of contact in a vehicle accident, motorbike accident, or fall with outstretched hands can rip connective tissue and shift and separate the bones of the hand.


Broken glass or sharp items can cause hand lacerations in automobile and occupational accidents.

Impingement or Impaction of the Wrist

Falls into outstretched hands or the force of an automobile collision can cause compression or squeezing of the wrist joint structures, resulting in discomfort.

The TFCC Tear

The cartilage tissue on the little finger side of the wrist joint can be damaged by torque or lateral bending forces (Triangular Fibro-Cartilaginous Complex, or TFCC). This sort of damage can result from falls and other accidents.

Fractures of Scaphoid Bone

The scaphoid, a tiny bone in the wrist, is difficult to heal. This is because the bone’s blood supply may be cut off, leading to cell death and maybe arthritis.

Injury to the Scapholunate Ligament

The scapholunate ligament is an essential scaphoid and lunate carpal bone stabilizer. Permanent injuries affect the value of a settlement, as they might leave sufferers with diminished grip strength and arthritis.

Bone Graft

If the fracture fails to mend adequately and a bone transplant is necessary, the long-term prognosis for that hand is often poor.

Internal Fixation

The presence of a metal plate or other hardware in hand or wrist is typically indicative of an unfavorable result.

Severe Effects

Higher energy injuries cause more damage to the bone and surrounding soft tissues and are more likely to result in nonunion than low-energy fractures, such as those caused by a fall.

Nerve Injury

The nerves that transmit impulses to and from the brain can be damaged by traumas such as vehicle accidents. A hand injury that causes nerve damage will result in reduced mobility and sensation, as well as discomfort. Our skilled hand injury lawyers see several examples of peripheral neuropathy caused by automobile accidents. 

In the majority of situations involving nerve injury to the hand, a lawsuit must be filed before the insurance company would pay reasonable settlement money.

What is the Worth of a Hand Injury?

The average jury award for hand injuries is around $630,000, according to national data. The median verdict is around $70,000. This large disparity indicates that certain cases of severe, life-altering hand injuries have extremely high values, but many cases of less severe injuries are not as debilitating.

Our skilled San Diego hand injury lawyer has handled a substantial number of instances involving catastrophic hand and wrist injuries. These sorts of hand injuries are more likely to result in bigger compensation claims and are more likely to settle before or during litigation than to go to trial.

How Can You Determine Whether a Hand Injury is Serious?

A serious hand injury is likely to need emergency or urgent care, leaving the person in unbearable discomfort. If the damage was the result of trauma or a fall, you may develop deformities of the arm, wrist, or hand owing to a fractured wrist tending toward dislocation. The lack of sensation in the digits (fingers), palm, back of the hand, wrist, or lower arm is an additional typical symptom following a vehicle accident. Typically, severe injuries manifest themselves as excruciating hand pain. The inability to grip, hand weakness, and inability to pick up things may also be symptoms.

What Will Be the Financial Consequences of Hand Injuries?

Every day in our personal and professional lives, we utilize our hands. The majority of vocations need constant use of the hands to type, write, use tools, or operate machinery. All of these activities need some use of the hands. A hand or wrist injury diminishes not just the quality of our personal lives, but also our capacity to earn a living while we recuperate. When broken, some bones and ligaments of the wrist and hand are tiny and delicate, necessitating careful treatment and care.

However, healing from a hand injury can be costly, such as medical bills, and impose further financial strain on those who are already struggling to make ends meet. When evaluating your personal injury claim for monetary compensation, our knowledgeable San Diego hand injury lawyers will analyze all of these elements and rely on a variety of specialists to prove these claims. R and medical specialists can assist our accident lawyer in determining the immediate cost of treatment, as well as the cost of missed income and long-term care.

Will You Be Able to Receive Compensation for Your Hand Injury-Related Physical Injuries?

Among the scenarios in which you may claim damages are the following:

  • a car, truck, bicycle, or motorbike collision in which you were injured and the other driver was at fault
  • you were a passenger on a vehicle, motorcycle, or truck
  • a work-related or construction-related injury caused by a faulty condition or dangerous equipment
  • you fell on ice or hazardous stairs
  • your injury was caused by the maker, distributor, or seller of a dangerous product that you used
  • you were bitten by a dog belonging to someone

How to Negotiate With Insurance Companies?

Insurance companies will battle fiercely to avoid paying a personal injury claim by questioning the necessity of treatment, especially when there are less costly alternatives. Claims adjusters employed by insurance firms frequently use sleazy tactics to get victims to waive their rights or act against their best interests.

Numerous victims would rather have our skilled San Diego hand injury lawyers negotiate with insurance adjusters on their behalf. It is a reality that insurance companies are far more inclined to comply and pay larger settlements when victims have legal counsel, which is why they frequently convince the injured party that they do not need to engage a hand injury attorney.

Do Instances Which Involve Hand Injuries Typically Settle Out of Court Before Filing a Lawsuit or Going to Trial?

Most hand injury lawsuits are settled out of court. As mentioned before, the difficulty with hand injury cases from a settlement standpoint is that claims adjusters are frequently tied to utilizing the amount of medical costs as a basis for determining the settlement value. Hand injuries often cause greater pain and suffering than the majority of other catastrophic injuries, but are linked with far lower medical costs.

Before a matter gets to trial, insurance companies and their attorneys are more likely to examine these factors objectively, resulting in a pre-trial settlement. In the majority of severe hand injury instances, however, our competent hand injury lawyers file a lawsuit since the pre-trial compensation offers are often unreasonable. In such instances, victims who wish to maximize the value of their claim have little choice but to pursue litigation.

What Kind of Litigation Involving Hand Injuries Has the Highest Settlement Value?

Permanent injury lawsuits will have the highest average settlement amount for hand injury claims. Typically, these are crush injuries with nonunion or malunion of the fracture (which is often from a delay in diagnosis of treatment). However, the situation remains difficult. Occasionally, tiny fractures might not heal, resulting in lifelong difficulties. This is especially true if the victim is already developing arthritis or nerve damage, which increases the patient’s risk for contracture and stiffness years later.

Our knowledgeable hand injury lawyers have found that compartment syndrome also increases settlement compensation amounts. Similarly, our personal injury attorney observes much greater settlements in hand injury cases including artery and nerve damage.

How Can Our San Diego Hand Injury Lawyers Help?

For hand injury, and personal injury claims, our competent San Diego hand injury lawyers analyze, identify, and preserve evidence from the site as well as witnesses. It is crucial to determine the best evidence as quickly as feasible. This will be handled by the insurance company for the person or entity responsible for your accident. The insurance company does this daily to pay out as little as possible on claims. Our law office will collaborate with your hand expert to acquire papers and paperwork demonstrating how your car accident, fall injury, or equipment caused your injury.

If you are unable to continue working, we have extensive experience using vocational experts to demonstrate lost earning potential (also referred to as lost future earnings). Our skilled personal injury lawyer has successfully sued and collected damages for individuals with RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), Carpal Tunnel injuries, hand fractures requiring surgery, and surgical hardware implantation.

Qualified Hand Injury Lawyers Ready to Explain All Your Legal Options

Benner Law Firm is a prominent personal injury law firm with substantial courtroom experience. Our qualified San Diego hand injury lawyers can assist you in recovering the utmost legal compensation to which your family is entitled. Our personal injury lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company of the defendant or represent your interests in court to ensure that you have the greatest possible opportunity of collecting compensation.

Contact us now for a free strategy session to learn how we have assisted numerous individuals who, like you, have sustained temporary and permanent losses. Through the attorney-client relationship, any private or sensitive information you provide to our legal team is kept strictly secret. After gathering the necessary facts for your personal injury case, one of our skilled hand injury lawyers will offer you a list of viable legal choices for proceeding with your case.


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