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Great experience with Mr. Benner. He was candid and supportive throughout the process. He was able to articulate to me what was to be expected throughout our partnership. Class act.

- Christopher C.

Mr. Benner was indispensable in my legal process. He is both candid and reassuring, humble and knowledgeable. I would be doing a disservice to anyone going through a DBA process not to recommend him.

- Anonymous

Craig has been working with my husband on his DBA case. He has always been prompt in responding. He has always gone the extra mile even when it seemed like all avenues were exhausted. You would never know that we are in North Carolina and he is in California with his professionalism and constant communication with my husband. He has worked double-time to get my husband the benefits he deserves. I would recommend him and his partner to anyone reading this review.

- Karen Rogers