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If you have been injured or have lost a loved one in the Iraq or Afghanistan wars, you may be entitled to seek compensation. A San Diego Iraq and Afghanistan attorney can help you file a claim for benefits from the government, investigate your legal options, and represent you in court. At Benner Law Firm, we provide legal representation and support during the long process of recovering compensation and benefits for injuries or loss. Call today to discuss your legal options and get assistance with your injury claim in California!

Why do I need a San Diego Iraq & Afghanistan injury attorney?

Working on the front lines of military conflict is not for the faint of heart, and thousands of civilian contractors have suffered illness and injury in Afghanistan and Iraq over the past several years. If you have been serving on a government contract for a defense or public works-related job, and you have been injured while at work, the Benner Law Firm is here to help. We are highly-skilled personal injury attorneys in San Diego, and we have many years of experience working with the Defense Base Act (DBA) and defending the rights of civilian contractors. For serious illness or injury due to toxic exposures, psychological trauma, or combat-related attacks, you can rely on us to go to bat for you. Call 619-595-6794 today to get in touch with our experienced Iraq and Afghanistan attorney in San Diego, CA.

An Overview of the Defense Base Act

As an extension of the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act of 1927 (LHWCA), the Defense Base Act provides workers’ compensation protection and medical treatment to civilian employees working outside the United States on US military bases or under a contract with the U.S. government for public works or national defense.

The Defense Base Act covers civilian employees working outside the United States, usually in US military bases, for national defense purposes, or under a contract with the US government for public works and related engagements. It was meant to provide medical treatment and compensation protection for workers injured in the scope and course of employment.

At The Benner Firm, our California Iraq & Afghanistan attorney will comprehensively explain how workers can successfully recover compensation. Call us at 619-595-6794 to consult with our San Diego personal injury attorney to get quality legal representation in your defense bases act claim, mass torts claim, and personal injury claims in California.

Civilian Contractors Working Overseas

If you worked for a US contractor in Iraq or Afghanistan and are currently experiencing medical or psychological problems, they may be related to your work overseas. You must do two things promptly: seek medical treatment from medical professionals and obtain legal advice from knowledgeable and experienced San Diego Iraq and Afghanistan attorneys.

There are many types of injuries that contractors have suffered during military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Exposure to toxic fumes from burn pits or other harmful chemicals can have real and serious effects, but those conditions may not manifest until some time after exposure.

There have been reports of a rise in various cancers, such as lung, brain, bone, and skin. Persisting allergies, asthma, pulmonary issues, gastrointestinal problems, heart conditions, weeping sores, and other similar problems have also been reported. If you are experiencing any of these after working in Iraq or Afghanistan, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries or medical condition. Call our Iraq & Afghanistan attorney at 619-595-6794 today.

You Deserve Quality Representation

Filing a Personal Injury Claim Under the Defense Base Act

Companies awarded contracts by the Department of Defense (or by the foreign government with US support and funding) must carry the DBA as workers’ compensation insurance. In general, the Defense Base Act applies to civilians working in conjunction with the US military or those coordinating with other government agencies in Afghanistan, Iraq, and US military, air, and naval bases outside the country.

If you have been injured or developed a condition that you think may result from your work in Iraq or Afghanistan, you should consult an experienced Iraq & Afghanistan attorney for your personal injury claim. Call our law office at 619-595-6794, and a member of our team will be glad to assist you and have your legal questions answered.

Not many attorneys are knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the Defense Base Act. At The Benner Firm Law Firm, an experienced and hands-on Iraq & Afghanistan attorney in San Diego, CA can help you work on your personal injury lawsuit, if applicable.

Overseas Workers Covered by the Defense Base Act

The Defense Base Act generally covers personal injury cases involving defense contract worker injuries. Covered workers include, but are not limited to non-military support staff, project managers, carpenters, utility workers, construction workers, technicians, electricians, truck drivers, medics and members of medical teams, engineers, PMC (private military contractor-former soldier/police officer), personal security, translators and interpreters, bomb disposal experts, and consultants.

Additionally, the Defense Base Act includes American civilian employees providing welfare or similar services outside the US specifically for the benefit of the military, such as those in the United Service Organizations (USO). If you fall in any of these categories, you may be covered under the Defense Base Act.

Seasoned San Diego CA, Iraq and Afghanistan attorneys can provide legal representation for injured workers through straightforward or complex DBA personal injury claims. We commit ourselves to protect your legal rights as a civilian employee working on US military bases. Contact us at 619-595-6794 to schedule a consultation today.

Benefits of Injured Workers Under the DBA

The Defense Base Act covers civilian employees under contract to the United States to perform “public works” outside the continental United States. Part of the benefits covered is medical benefits, death benefits, and disability compensation. Permanently disabled employees who cannot return to work without assistance may also avail of vocational rehabilitation services.

If you or a family member have been injured overseas while working for these U.S. contractors, promptly seek reliable legal assistance. A seasoned San Diego, Iraq, and Afghanistan attorney from The Benner Firm can explain how the DBA can cover wage replacement and pay for medical treatment.

Schedule a consultation by calling 619-595-6794. Speak to a hands-on Iraq and Afghanistan attorney in San Diego, California, who will look closely into your personal injury case. We will work with you to obtain what you deserve and maximize your financial compensation.

Injuries While Working in Iraq or Afghanistan

Traumatic Brain Injury

Some consider Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) a signature wound of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is often a result of concussions, such as those incurred near a bomb blast or from a blow to the head during a vehicle accident. Concussive explosions from grenades, bombs, suicide bombers, and IEDs have contributed to record numbers of TBI injuries. Advances in body armor protect the central part of a person’s body much better, but the head is still susceptible to trauma.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Many civilian contractors also have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and the incidence is the same with the military because they have been subject to the same traumatic events. Sufferers often have difficulty sleeping, feel helpless or hopeless, have trouble re-establishing personal relationships, and go through debilitating circumstances. DBA insurance companies now recognize PTSD as a compensable condition, as long as it can be medically documented.

Many contractors working in Iraq and Afghanistan have suffered this condition. To recover maximum compensation, you will need a credible San Diego personal injury lawyer specializing in these types of claims. Call us at The Benner Firm today.

Burn Pits

One major issue faced by civilian workers in Iraq and Afghanistan is the presence of burn pits. Waste of all types is disposed off by burning, which creates significant air quality issues. There are many diseases allegedly caused by the toxic smoke and fumes from the burn pits.

There is extensive ongoing litigation regarding the use of these pits, including the injuries caused by the smoke. Individuals subjected to the smoke from these pits and now suffering from the chronic disease may pursue personal injury claims through the Defense Base Act. This is where the legal services of credible professionals will especially be helpful.

Call our personal injury law firm at 619-595-6794 to consult with our San Diego Iraq & Afghanistan attorney to get quality legal representation for your defehnse base act and personal injury claim in California.

Recovering Compensation

During specific periods, the number of contractor casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan, including severe injury and death, is often higher than military casualties. Deaths were often a result of car bombs or suicide bombers. Some were killed in helicopter or plane crashes or by roadside bombs. Several were victims of ambushes or lone gunmen masquerading as army personnel.

Our team prides itself on having the knowledge and dedication necessary to help civilian employees who have suffered severe injuries while working on a government contract in Iraq & Afghanistan. We will deliver thorough investigation, skillful negotiation, and litigation expertise in courts of law on your behalf and be with you until your case is over and finalized.

Schedule a consultation by calling 619-595-6794 to contact our dedicated Iraq and Afghanistan attorney in San Diego, California.

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Iraq and Afghanistan have seen a lot of growth and military action, bringing thousands of contractors to the area to provide support for everything from building roads to maintaining soldier compounds. Perilous work of this nature can result in sometimes fatal injuries such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), respiratory disease and asthma, cancer, and many more. If you have suffered any of these injuries while working overseas, get in touch with us right away. We can help pave the way towards your physical, financial, and psychological recovery.

If you are a civilian contractor and you have been injured during your time in Afghanistan or Iraq, our San Diego Iraq & Afghanistan attorney at the Benner Law Firm is ready to help you. Call our San Diego law office today for your free consultation.


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