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Is Your Car Accident Claim Going to Settle?

When car accident victims come to us, they often want to know whether their case is going to settle or they are going to have to go to court. While it’s impossible to predict how a case will be resolved until it actually concludes, it’s instructive to keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of car accident cases settle out of court. That said, there is always the chance that your case is going to trial. Some of the factors that can make it more likely that your case will go to trial include:

  • The cause of the accident is not clear

  • You were partially at fault for your accident

  • There are significant noneconomic damages in dispute

  • There may be more than one liable party

You Need an Attorney Even if Your Case Is Going to Settle

Even if the insurance company has made it clear that they want to settle your case, you should retain a lawyer to represent you. Insurance companies are under no obligation to settle your case for a fair amount and will do everything they can to settle for as little as possible. They may start with a lowball offer, wait until your bills are piling up before making an offer, or even misrepresent your rights to you just to avoid paying you what your claim is worth. As a result, if you want to get the compensation you are owed under the law after a car accident, you need to retain an experienced attorney as soon as you can.c

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